Red Light on the Dashboard


Red Light on the Dashboard Makes Sure You Don’t Outlive Your Money

Only 17% of Americans retire with a pension. The rest arrive at retirement needing to figure out how to turn their 401(k) or IRA into long-term pension income.

Think of your retirement planning as your car’s dashboard. Whenever a light goes on, you fix the problem. But for many people, it’s the retirement savings red light. Now what?

There’s no need to come to a screeching halt. Pull over here instead and learn how Red Light on the Dashboard helps keep your retirement income in the green for as long as you live.

Put our red light program in your retirement planning mix

People are living longer—and often don’t realize how much money they really need to live their retirement dreams. Today’s financial preparation requires a different understanding of the pressure longevity exerts on your retirement income, and its ability to support you comfortably for life. In short, longer lifespans require smarter investment and financial planning strategies.

As an experienced income planning specialist with in-depth understanding of analytics, I created Red Light on the Dashboard. It’s a program to help you create a better plan for your retirement years . . . and ensure you have the money you need to live the life you want.


Who benefits from Red Light on the Dashboard?

My proprietary process is designed for people nearing or in retirement, ages 55-75 with investable assts of at least $1 million. If that’s you, my team and I help you navigate around that retirement red zone and into the green to meet your long-term retirement goals.

My program uses state-of-the-art risk management software and proven strategies to deliver meaningful solutions that give you peace of mind. The process shows you how to:

  • leverage your retirement income sources
  • maximize your retirement portfolio assets
  • determine best Social Security claiming strategies
  • minimize tax liabilities
  • secure a positive long-term cash flow


Plan now to live the retirement you want.

I’ll show you how, with your custom blueprint unique to your financial situation. Your financial blueprint reflects detailed longevity and cash flow planning, with individualized strategies for:

  • tax mitigation
  • covering critical and long-term healthcare expenses
  • Social Security timing
  • asset allocation
  • portfolio efficiency
  • and more

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