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"We help you get the retirement you always dreamed about" MoneyMatttersUSA®

Does your current financial adviser make a difference in your life? The answer matters. Why hire us? Do you lie awake at night wondering if your nest egg will last as long as you do? As a fee only firm, we make certain you do not outlive your income. We maximize your Social Security, and harvest income from the correct asset (bucket) so you pay income taxes at the lowest marginal rate.

We are completely independent and work only for our clients putting their interests first. We are specialists in retirement income planning and that is all we do. We design and develop a study for each client so they can sleep soundly at night because they no longer worry about running out of income.

We never use a pre-set solution. We do not favor one income or tax method. Each person is unique and each strategy set will fit that person.




It is the key task of the advisor to build risk appropriate portfolios for each client. With the Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary rule and much regulatory scrutiny, it is crucially important to carefully and accurately assess and measure an investor’s risk tolerance to make sure that the portfolio built for the client is appropriate. FinaMetrica offers unique value. It is university tested and accurately reflects behavioral investor risk profiles. When combined with Rixtrema software, the integration of the two applications allows us to measure risk tolerance and optimize an investor’s portfolio to make sure it fits the psychometric characteristics measured by FinaMetrica. The metrics are scientific and accurately measure investor behavior. They are not driven by advisor idiosyncratic thinking.